Scott Brown Proves Americans Don’t Really Want Change

by Chuck Donovan

“If the proles ever realized how powerful they are, there would be no need for a revolution.”[1]

Given a choice and an opportunity for an actual change and an actual solution today, American citizens in Massachusetts again rejected it.  Instead, they voted to maintain the status quo in Washington, D.C.  A fiscally insane, neocon, pro-torture, anti-human rights, big government Republican won the race.  Meanwhile, a fiscal conservative, small government, anti-bailout, anti-socialized healthcare, anti-military expansionist, anti-interventionist, pro-civil libertarian was treated as an also-ran.  What the vote today against Libertarian Joe Kennedy said is that Americans prefer to remain in the chains placed on them by the failed Democratic and Republican party “leadership”.

Rather than actually revolt against their masters, Americans prefer to make believe they are, “mad as hell, and not going to take it any more.”   They want to play at TEA Parties, Campaign for Liberty rallies, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works gatherings, and 10th Amendment rallies.  They want to act upset, but they really don’t want to raise a finger or an independent thought further than the ballot distance between the Republican and Democrat “rivals”.

In the end, the election in Massachusetts was not about “change”, revolt, or actual voter consideration.  It was all about fear, who knew more about the Red Sox, and who looked better naked.

When Barak Obama won in November 2008, I made a prediction.  I said the second worst thing that could happen is that President Obama does a bad job and the Republicans sweep back into power without ever getting their act together.  Sometimes I just hate it when I am right.   I went on to say the worst thing that could happen is that President Obama actually delivers on the promises he made and Americans perceive his achievements as a good job.  At least the worst thing hasn’t happened. …yet.

The Republicans “leaders” continue to reject “change” as well.  Why shouldn’t they?  They are comfortably settled into the arms and wallets of their rich lobbyist friends.  These lobbyists have become rich by the access our Republican and Democrat “representatives” have granted them to competition reducing protection, international protection using our gallant military, venture capital provided by the taxpayers without all that messy “full disclosure”, and overall direct access to our national treasury.  What is there that motivates anyone in Washington to “change”?   Nothing!

Stated that way, why doesn’t everyone outside of Washington, D.C. change radically?  What will it take for Americans to be startled awake from their government-induced slumber?  How many times do the Democrats AND Republicans have to show us who they honestly are before we will believe them?

Do you really care about your rights?  Do you really want to change the fact that you are running out of money before you run out of month?  Do you really want to save what is left of your U.S. Dollar and your savings?  Do you actually want to reduce the size of government?  Do you truly want tax reform?  Do you want our troops brought home from the over 130 countries they are now unconstitutionally deployed to?  Do you want to improve the reputation of the USA in the eyes of the rest of the world?  Do you want to see an improvement in your life and prosperity and future?

There is an actual way to accomplish that, and it doesn’t take a revolution.

Vote Libertarian.


[1] 1984, by George Orwell