Libertarian Chuck Donovan’s Campaign Takes Off

by Chuck Donovan

For Immediate Release

ATLANTA, GA – May 1, 2010 – The Chuck Donovan for Senate Campaign is proud to announce that Mr. Donovan received the official nomination to run for US Senate for the Libertarian Party of Georgia.  A unanimous decision to select Chuck Donovan as the 2010 US Senatorial candidate was reached at the annual Libertarian Party of Georgia Convention on April 24th.

New to the political arena, Chuck Donovan brings an impressive resume.  He served as a fighter pilot for the US Marine Corps for seven years and has been an international airline pilot since his honorable discharge in nineteen eighty-six.

“I’ve watched politicians play lip service for years about the issues that are most important to us.  Republicans and Democrats have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are not going to keep their promises.”

Most important to Mr. Donovan is balancing the budget, paying down the national debt, and creating a sound monetary policy.  Seen as most essential is stopping any more bailouts, eliminating pork barrel spending, and making significant cuts in overall Federal spending.

“We must have a government that is fiscally disciplined.  The alternative is economic disaster.  We need to vote in representatives who will make the difficult decisions.  A new class of politician is needed to bring responsible policies to Washington.”

Also on the agenda is to reform the American education system.  Mr. Donovan advocates ending the No Child Left Behind Act.  The Donovan Campaign also promotes school voucher or Backpack/Weighted-Student Funding programs, and transferring policy decisions from Washington to local school districts.

“America needs a dynamic and competitive education system to create an innovative and competitive workforce for the future.  The one-size-fits-all approach is not achieving results.  Local parents and teachers make the best decisions regarding the issues they face.”

Chuck Donovan is rapidly gaining ground through grassroots supporters.  With Republicans and Democrats continuing to battle each other in the primary season, the Libertarian Senatorial candidate will be getting an early jump on the general election.  To learn more about his campaign, visit


Matt Godown Campaign Manager Donovan for Senate 770-314-0799