Chuck Donovan Proudly Announces Endorsement From Joe McCutchen

by Chuck Donovan

In his just published monthly report, Joe McCutchen, formerly a strong public supporter of Johnny Isakson, endorsed Chuck Donovan in the 2010 race for US Senator.  He wrote the following:

“It is an honor and a pleasure to endorse Chuck Donovan of Georgia for the United States Senate seat now held by Johnny Isakson.  I have spent quality time with Chuck, and he has convinced me that he will put the interests of the taxpayers and small business owners first on all his decisions.

With a 12 trillion-dollar national debt, Chuck realizes the importance of cutting spending immediately and making BIG cuts, not just small cuts, in every department of government.  Chuck tells me he plans to put together a coalition of small business owners, TEA Party patriots, Libertarians, and other conservative groups to win the election.

I am impressed with Chuck Donovan and I hope you will get your family and friends to vote for this great American.”

Mr. McCutcheon , referred to by CNN as, “The dean of all callers”, is a well-known  successful businessman, and political activist from Ellijay.  He has a public access television show, “Focus on Excellence”, broadcast around North Georgia.

Chuck Donovan is the Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Georgia, 2010.

Matt Godown
Campaign Manager
Donovan for Senate