Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Receives Key Endorsement

by Chuck Donovan

ATLANTA, GA – July 15, 2010 -The Donovan For Senate campaign is very proud to announce that former Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Allen Buckley, has given his endorsement to Chuck Donovan.  Mr. Buckely made his announcement Tuesday on the Al Gainey Show, 550 AM, WDUN.

Allen stated that the incumbent is “not equipped to handle the financial problems that we face.  It’s not a question of intelligence.  Johnny has never proposed any legislation of the magnitude necessary to deal with the problems, and his need to satisfy special interest groups would prevent him from ever doing so.”  He further stated that Chuck Donovan understands the problems fully and is ready to work realistic solutions to save America from a debt situation that is spiraling out of control.

Chuck is very proud to receive this endorsement particularly in light of the kind of qualifications Mr. Buckley has worked to achieve.  “Allen is a highly qualified and well respected lawyer and CPA”, states Chuck.  “He has been an indispensable aid to me in getting my campaign off the ground.  I had previously only hoped he would publicly endorse me.  So, this kind of recognition is very significant to me, and I am grateful to Allen.”

Within the Libertarian Party, this endorsement adds tremendous credence to a campaign focusing on fiscal responsibility, reducing the national debt, and reigning in inflation.  Chuck Donovan believes that “unless we address the issues of spending and debt, we can’t effectively address all of the other issues America faces.  We can’t fix education, healthcare, and our civil liberties if all of our financial resources have been wasted away.”

Allen Buckley is lawyer and a CPA.  He is prolific author and frequent contributor to, Daily Tax Report, Journal of Pension Benefits, Pension and Benefits Week, and Daily Report; Member, Atlanta Bar Association; American Association of Attorney-CPAs; Atlanta Tax Forum.

The Donovan Campaign will have representatives at the Georgia Tea Party at Jim Miller Park on Friday, July 16th along with several other Libertarian candidates.  To learn more about his campaign, visit


Matt Godown
Campaign Manager
Donovan for Senate