Chuck Donovan’s First TV Commercial Takes Johnny Isakson to Task

by Chuck Donovan

For Immediate Release

ATLANTA, GA – September 7, 2010 – The Donovan For Senate campaign announces the completion of its first TV commercial. The ad, which has been well received among test subjects, is planned to air on stations throughout Georgia over the next several weeks.

The ad introduces Chuck Donovan to a wider audience, touching on issues critical to Georgia voters such as the national deficit and the stimulus packages. Donovan’s tone is hopeful, however, as he reminds voters that with the right leadership our best days are ahead.

To maximize the ad’s exposure between now and Election Day, an additional fund raising drive has been initiated. Since the campaign is staffed by an all-volunteer, grassroots group of Georgians, all funds received during the drive will go directly to the cost of radio and television ads.

Chuck Donovan has reached out to disenchanted voters across the political spectrum with a message promoting fiscal responsibility, a smarter war on terrorism and renewed commitment to individual rights – ideals he believes the two major parties only pay lip service to. His ads will now be in front of Georgia’s voters before the Democratic contender’s ads.

“We’re going to show Georgians that there is a choice beyond the two main parties,” says Donovan. “Republicans and Democrats have long track records of selling their constituents short. I used to be one of those constituents. Now I’m standing up for us.”

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