You Cannot Call Yourself “Fiscally Responsible” and Vote for Isakson

by Chuck Donovan

It is amazing to me how little homework it takes to prove that Johnny Isakson is decidedly NOT fiscally responsible.

It is also amazing to me how little work voters put into finding out the facts.

Just how many times does someone have to demonstrate who they really are before we believe them?  Read this 2009 Peach Pundit article for yet another demonstration of Johnny’s profligacy:  “Another perspective on liberal Johnny Isakson’s push to spend 16.7 billion tax dollars”

There are no voters who call themselves “fiscally responsible” who can honestly give a vote to Johnny. You are going to have to find a new name for yourself, but including some reference to fiscal logic will be completely dishonest.

To all voters who really are “fiscally responsible”, I thank you for your support and your vote on November 2nd.

The mission is liberty.
The vision is now.