Chuck Donovan asks the Tea Party, “Where’s Johnny?”

by Chuck Donovan

For Immediate Release

ATLANTA, GA – September 26, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Libertarian candidate for United States Senate from Georgia, is asking an important question.

“I have visited over 15 Tea Parties with appointments for about 6 more before election day.  The Tea Party is potentially the most powerful political force in America.  Yet, I have not seen nor heard of Johnny Isakson attending a single Tea Party.  Just why is Johnny ignoring this group of voters?  Where’s Johnny?“

Johnny was not seen at another recent event, too.  California Republican Senatorial candidate, Carly Fiorina, was in Atlanta seeking help to unseat long-time Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer.  With such an iconic race, where was Johnny?

Chuck Donovan said, “Johnny Isakson insists on putting politics ahead of principles.  His committee connection with Senator Boxer was apparently more important to him than supporting a fellow candidate.”  Chuck continued, “It is bipartisan compromise between Republican and Democratic big government spenders like Johnny Isakson that has brought us the economic, social, and political mess we are in.  Americans need leadership that is set on a solid foundation of principles that include fiscal discipline.  Georgia voters deserve much more than a senator who plays political games.  What is Johnny’s guide here?  Is it politics, or is it principles?”

Chuck is challenging Georgia voters to put principles ahead of party and politics.  I particular, he is confronting the Tea Party members, stating: “This race, more than any other in the country, will define the Tea Party.  Tea Party members will show with their votes if they are informed, principled fiscal conservatives or just Republicans energized by the current Democratic majority in Washington.”

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