Things You Can Do to Support Our Campaign

by Chuck Donovan

If you cannot contribute money, there are other things you can easily accomplish that will help to turn the tide of big government.

  1. Forward my campaign update emails. Send them email to everyone you know, and everyone in your personal address book.
  2. Call all of your family and friends about this campaign. Tell them why you support me. Your personal endorsement will go further than any commercial they see or hear. If you called all of your family and friends that can amount to 200+ people.
  3. Talk to all of your neighbors. Go door to door in your neighborhood and direct them to my website. Tell them to watch the You Tube videos and make their decision on principle in this election.
  4. Tell your friends and family to not vote out of fear. Let them know there will be a runoff, so they can vote their conscience on November 2nd. Besides, fear hasn’t worked before and it won’t work this time.  If you really want to see Washington repaired you are going to have to actually vote for it.
  5. Encourage others to donate to my campaign. Even small contributions have a big effect in a campaign that is run with volunteers.  We need money for commercials, campaign supplies, contact lists and other campaign related expenses.
  6. Personally tell 10 people everyday about the campaign and the website. When you are out during the day ask people if they have considered who they will vote for in the U.S. Senate race. Tell them that you support the Donovan campaign and why. Direct them to to learn more.
  7. Call into talk radio. Call the programs you listen to and get on the air. Make sure you call in about the topic of the day and tell them about this campaign.  When on, ask them why they are not talking about the Libertarian candidate in the U.S. Senate race and tell them they should have me on their show. Give them my cell phone number off the air and tell them to call me (757) 745-9374.
  8. Post my YouTube videos everywhere online:
  9. Post information about the campaign on at least 2 online news articles everyday. The media will always cover the other candidates, and we can take advantage of that.  Do a Google search about the U.S. Senate race in Georgia, Johnny Isakson, and Michael Thurmond.  Find 5 different web articles and post your support there.  Others who may not know about the campaign will see your post and look us up.  Make sure to put the website address in your post:
  10. Write letters to the opinion page of your local paper. The more letters the papers get the better chance we have to get our name out to the people.
  11. Check my campaign calendar: We need volunteers and supporters to come out to every event possible. Just showing up looks significant to other voters.  This is vital to help us enlist more and more support. You can also pick up supplies like business cards, flyers, t-shirts and yard signs.
  12. Sign Waiving. Find a busy street corner in your local area and bring a yard sign to wave to show your support for the campaign. Name recognition is everything and sign waiving is an effective way to help with this. People will walk up to you and also ask questions. I cannot stress how effective this strategy will be.
  13. Walk your neighborhood. Go door to door in your neighborhood and tell them about the campaign. Let them know why you support the Donovan campaign.
  14. Make a endorsement video or write the campaign a endorsement letter. Your endorsement will let everyone know that this is truly the people’s campaign.  Draft a form letter that anyone can use so that each of your donors can simply sign their name and send it off.
  15. Recruiting: The more people involved in the campaign the better. Tell everyone you know to go to and volunteer to help out the campaign.
  16. Consider me for an interview or a feature on your website.
  17. Arrange with me for a meet and greet in your home or host a fund raising party and invite your friends, family and colleagues.