Two Big Upcoming Radio Interviews

by Chuck Donovan

I am announcing my invitation to two well known Georgia radio talk shows.  I will be a guest on the The Al Gainey Show, Friday morning, October 29, on AM 550 AND FM 102.9 WDUN and WDUN-TV.  For an online live stream of the Al Gainey Show, you may go to :

Martha Zoller was generous enough to offer an interview on her show, Monday morning, November 1st.  The exact time I will be on will be announced later.  The Martha Zoller Show may be listened to online from 9am to 11am Eastern Time at:

Yesterday I was interviewed on Conversations On Liberty.  You may subscribe to this Podcast on iTunes.

CSI Crane interviewed John Monds and me last week.  Details on how to listen to the show will be posted soon.

I am asking quite a lot from voters.  One thing I ask is to take note of which media sources chose to cover the Libertarians in this election year, and which ones did not. Please remember that when you are deciding which stations to pay attention to and which publications you purchase.

More details on the Campaign Calendar