Dude, Where’s My Fiscally Responsible Republican Senator?

by Chuck Donovan

For Immediate Release

ATLANTA, GA – October 26, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Georgia’s Libertarian candidate for U.S Senate, has harsh criticism for Johnny Isakson’s campaign advertisements.  In his ad, Senator Isakson states that the Federal government should, “stop borrowing and live within its means”.  However, Isakson’s voting record as the second most liberal spending Senator in Georgia’s history contradicts his campaign advertising.

During a 39-month period, from 2001 to 2004, Johnny Isakson gave 75 consecutive “Yes” votes to increased spending, which in turn caused tremendous deficits, and increased debt.  Isakson was a part of the Republican controlled 2001 to 2006 Congress, during which time government spending grew in excess of 7% per year (on average), more than double the rate of the approximately 3% economic growth, and the U.S. added $2.8 trillion to the national debt.  “This is not what it looks like when government, ‘stop[s] borrowing and live[s] within its means,’” Donovan said.

Senator Isakson has been quick to point out that he recently received an “A” from the National Taxpayers Union – in an election year, omitting his previous years scores of 50%, and 75% respectively.  Isakson’s average score from the NTU is 68.3%.  Compare this to Senator DeMint, who scored an average of 83.1% over the same years, and Congressman Ron Paul’s average of 88.6%.

During the October 24th Atlanta Press Club debate, broadcast on GPB, Donovan said to Senator Isakson, “What your record shows sir, is that as long as there is a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic majority in the Senate and in the House, we can rely upon you to be a fiscal conservative, but when there are Republican majorities, like we are looking at right now, you are a big spender and a big government guy.”

Chuck Donovan sees far more increases in spending than cuts to spending in Isakson’s voting record.   Donovan asks, “What in the Senator’s record would make Georgians think he can be fiscally relied upon this time, or that he will make government, ‘stop borrowing and live within its means’?”

Johnny Isakson has agreed to participate in only a single debate.  Donovan challenged both Isakson and Democrat Michael Thurmond to another debate to discuss our nation’s tremendous financial problems.  The Thurmond campaign has responded positively.  Donovan’s team is still waiting to hear from Isakson’s staff.



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