Donovan Campaign Wins More Recognition

by Chuck Donovan

The online blog Poli-Tea, recently gave recognition to what it considers to be the best Libertarian candidate advertisements this year.  Chuck Donovan’s ad won recognition as the “Clearest Deconstruction of Democrat-Republican Lies, aka Promises”

Other notables were the “Best Series of Ads” from U.S. House candidate for Ohio, Travis Irvine,, and “Most True to Political Life” given to a video depicting the Florida U.S. Senate race and featuring Libertarian candidate Alex Snitker.  (Mr. Snitker’s website is

I am proud to be listed with these great defenders of liberty.  The battle against those who take liberty for granted, are much too willing to quickly give up their liberty, and those who are only too ready to take liberty from us, never ever ends.  Political campaigns, audio and visual advertisements all have their place in the battle, and I stay motivated by looking forward to the day when we look back and see these campaigns as the beginnings of our return to a land of liberty.

Thank you to the Poli-Tea Blog for their recognition.

The mission is liberty. The vision is now.