Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate Comparison

by Chuck Donovan


Bush Stimulus – $152 Billion NO Voted YES (?)
Obama Stimulus – $700 Billion NO Voted NO (?)
Government Run Healthcare NO YES YES
Medicare Part D

$17 Trillion

NO Voted YES (?)
ObamaCare NO – SAYS: Repeal.   National health care is unconstitutional. Voted NO – SAYS: “Repeal and Replace” (Replace with what, more socialized medicine?) Supports – SAYS:  It will be “problematic” to administer.
No Child Left Behind (80% expansion in the Department of Education) NO – Abolish the Federal Department of Education Voted YES, coauthor (?)
Increasing the National Debt Limit NO Voted YES (?) – Supports positions that cannot possibly allow balancing of the budget or reduction to the debt.
Running Iraq and Afghanistan off the books NO Voted YES (?)
Cap and Trade NO NO (?)
Farm subsidies NO – Abolish the Department of Agriculture Voted YES (?)
The Bridge to Nowhere NO Voted YES (?)
The Ted Kennedy Memorial  ($16 Million with cost overruns now to almost $60 million) NO Voted YES (?)
Signed the CAGW “No Pork Pledge” YES NO NO
The G.I.V.E. Act  (HR1388,  HR1444, and S 277) Expansion of Americorps from 75,000 to 250,000 “volunteers”, HR 1444 will consider “mandatory” volunteer service NO Cosponsor (?)
Government accessing personal 401(k)’s NO Supports (?)
Agriculture Consolidation and Expansion of the FDA (S 510) NO Cosponsor (?)
Repeal the 16th Amendment Yes (Libertarian Platform Issue) (?) (?)
Extending the Bush tax cuts YES YES NO
Cuts to the capital gains tax Abolish YES (for his special interests) (?)
Alternative Minimum Tax Abolish Voted for “Temporary Relief” (?)
Home buyer tax credit Government should not be in the real estate business Supports his cronies in the real estate business (?)
Tool of the military industrial complex NO YES (?)
Lockheed Martin F-22 NO Voted YES (?)
Government Rail Expansion NO (?) YES
Government sponsored energy research – ethanol NO Voted YES (?)
Congressional Reform Act YES NO(?) (?)
Presidential Line-item veto NO YES (?)
Single Item Only Congressional Bills YES (?) (?)
Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State NO Voted YES YES
Eric Holder, Attorney General NO Voted YES YES
Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice NO Voted NO YES
Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice NO Voted NO YES
New START Treaty and Protocols NO Voted NO (?)
United Nations Small Arms Treaty NO (?) [Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton support this treaty.] (?)
Fannie Mae  and Freddie Mac Freeze and Phase out Support and Bail out Support and Bail out
Backed by and beholden to Special Interests NO YES YES
Tied to a Big Spending, Big Government Political Party NO YES YES
Tea Party Guest Speaker Throughout the State of Georgia NO NO
Tea Party Support GA State Tea Party Award for Fiscal Conservative NO NO
Principles before Party and Politics YES NO NO
Federal Reserve Bank Abolish Audit, but no substantial reform (?)
Economics Austrian/Misesian Keynesian Keynesian