A Real Right to Travel

by Chuck Donovan

I have spoken many times on how government has forcibly intervened in nearly every aspect of our lives.  Nothing represents more completely, the full control of government in our lives, than the issue of public roads.

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die on our roads.  Look at the death toll from more than 15 years of the Viet Nam war, and you will see we kill a greater number every two years on our roads.  Only private innovations in vehicle technology and engineering have made it safer for us to drive.  Government has done nothing to improve road engineering, signal technology, traffic management, and especially nothing to improve driver licensing, training, or education.

The time has come to find better ways to make ourselves, our families, and our fellow Americans safer on our roads.  We have to honestly admit what has not worked and terminate those wasteful programs.  Driver licensing has not made us safer.  It has not stopped incompetent and dangerous drivers from operating their vehicles next to us on our roads.  What licensing has done is to increase the size, scope, and the cost of government.  Driver licensing is a failed program and it should be terminated.

As I said in my campaign, I believe Georgia has what it takes to be a leader to the rest of our country and to the world.  Eliminating needless and failed bureaucracy will allow us to better use limited fiscal resources in programs that would better serve the safety of our families and our fellow Georgians.

Below is a letter written by Bill Evelyn, Director of the Georgia State Tea Party.  I know that Bill has the best interests of his family and fellow citizens at heart, as well as the best interests of our state.  I agree with him that this is the kind of legislation we should pass quickly.

Bold action and leadership are necessary to move Georgia during these difficult economic times and the far more challenging times I predict in our near future.   HB7 is that kind of bold, forward reaching action.

In liberty,

The mission is liberty,
The vision is now.


Subject: HB7 Right to Travel Act

To:  The Right and Honorable Georgia General Assembly,

When I was young and pestering my grandfather to allow me to drive his truck, he told me a very interesting story.  My grandfather had moved from a farm in Virginia in 1929 to Pennsylvania for work.  His farm had failed and he was broke.  He managed to get a job driving a commercial dump truck for Samuel McAdam constructing the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  He got that job with the experience of driving a vegetable truck to the Richmond Farmers Market.  My grandfather taught himself to drive and he drove for 35 accident free years before he was required to get a license or test to get that license.  He taught my father to drive in the 1940’s before a license and test was required.  My father started teaching me to drive when I was ten.  At the age of fourteen he cleared me solo and I drove down the street to a friends farm.  On my 16th birthday we drove to the testing station and I earned my license.

You will note that not one bureaucrat had any input on my driving instruction.  Both my grandfather and father made the decision to turn over the family car to their son when they were comfortable they could drive safely.  Do you honestly think passing HB7 will make the killing lanes of I-285, I-85, and I-75 more unsafe?

Rep. Franklin’s Bill only returns us to a time before the big government people started requiring a license and testing.   In the 1930’s and 1940’s you mailed for a license in Georgia, no testing was required until the 1950’s.

If you pass HB7 you can eliminate a huge bureaucracy, free up officers for the beat, and free up real estate to be sold off to the highest bidder.  That should help you balance the budget.  I really hope that you consider voting YES for HB7.

Bill Evelyn
State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC