What We Must Do – Ron Paul 2011

by Chuck Donovan

In this recent video, Ron Paul lays explains the emergency economic situation we are in.  He then explains exactly what we must do to correct the deadly mistakes we have made.

Congressman Paul uses terminology you might not understand.  If you don’t understand what he is talking about and you are unwilling to learn what the terms mean, then you must honestly admit that you are not qualified to vote.

In 2004 “P Diddy” ran a campaign with the slogan “Vote or Die”.  It was an encouragement for more people to vote.

I think we have exactly the government we voted for.  This unsustainable, bloated, debt ridden, immoral leviathan is the result of the very votes we Americans have made.  It is not time to ask what the government is going to do differently.  It is time to ask what we voters will do differently.

It is time to say “Vote Smart or Die!”

see the video here:  Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning