by Chuck Donovan

I complain there are far too many uninformed voters out there.  Too often, voters fall for the marketing and do very little actual research on a candidate.  I contend we are once again witnessing this phenomenon with the rise in popularity of Newt Gingrich.  How anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together could support this week’s “Republican Flavor of the Week” aka “Anybody except Ron Paul”, is beyond me.

Here is my challenge, if you dare.  Prove to me you know who Newt really is.

The link below leads to a 90 minute round up of articles on Mr. Gingrich.  I challenge you to spend 90 minutes taking a serious look at the man you think is fit to be President of the United States.  90 minutes to study the man you want to put into the White House for 4 years.  90 minutes to tell me this is the guy who can draw the swing vote and unseat Barak Obama.

Listen to this recording and then tell me you still support New Gingrich.

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  • Enter the search “ayfkm, gop? newt gingrich exposed”


I will be looking for your comments below.

In liberty,


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