This Is What a True Defender of Liberty Sounds Like

by Chuck Donovan

As we listen to mainstream political candidates this year we again hear an endless stream of weak, contradictory, hypocritical, and overtly confused ideas on what liberty is and how to defend liberty in America.  We have candidates who think ObamaCare is bad but they want to strengthen Medicare.  We have candidates who talk about a right to work and freedom of contract who also think you should be forced to participate in Social Security and in organized labor.  We have candidates who speak of the benefits of competition, but their economic solutions involve more regulation and government oversight.  Here in Georgia we are currently witnessing self-professed “conservatives” support dumb ideas such as a forcing gun owners to take government approved certification courses.  And, we have elected so-called representatives who have sworn to uphold the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech who think the SOPA and PIPA legislation are great ideas.  These so-called leaders have no idea what liberty is.

Every once in a while a breath of fresh air blows through the stale atmosphere set up by those professional political windbags.  Today I caught one of those rare breaths of fresh air, this time with from a Libertarian candidate for U.S. President, Gary Johnson.  Gary has a long history of bucking trends.  His record as New Mexico governor shows that clearly.  More recently his honest ideals for liberty forced him out of the parade of cookie-cutter conservative cartoon characters now posing as Republican candidates for President.

Gary Johnson has been a consistent defender of liberty.  Here is his website statement from yesterday:

Gary Johnson on SOPA: “There are NO problems with the Internet that we want the government to try to fix!”

“The article below from the LA Times is just one of many today reporting that we – millions of Americans who see the Internet as a last bastion of freedom – are maybe, just maybe, getting Congress attention about two very bad ideas: SOPA and PIPA.

Kudos to Wikipedia and the thousands of other sites who took action to let people know of these threats to Internet freedom, the flow of information, and the free market. As I have said, there are NO problems with the Internet that we want the government to try to fix!

This evening, as millions of parents find themselves answering their kids’ homework questions without the help of Wikipedia or any number of other sites that have changed the world, I hope everyone will visit Wikipedia,, or other sites to sign petitions or otherwise let Congress know that we want the government to keep its hands off the Internet.”

This is indeed what a true statesman and a defender of liberty sounds like.  This is what Libertarians always sound like. This is what Americans are missing while they watch the spectacle of Republican so-called leaders attempting to show their electability with silly, shallow quips filled with misleading, false, failed, and already tried ideas and ideologies.

Besides Gary Johnson, only Ron Paul and Buddy Roemer have taken a firm stance against SOPA/PIPA.  President Obama, who was swept into office amid a flood of rhetoric about “fairness”, “justice”, “freedom”, “hope”, and “change”, has taken a stance on this essential  issue that has best been described as “tepid”.

Why do other candidates have such a long history of flip-flops?  It is simple.  They have no liberty centered principle they consistently fall back on.  With each new challenge, they have a new ad hoc answer.  Basically, they are making it up as they go along.

American cannot survive with this kind of rudderless leadership.  We have made mistakes in the past.  We can no longer afford to make mistakes.  It is time to do it right.

Real leadership is able to do the simple addition and subtraction necessary to balance a budget.  Real leadership doesn’t support bailouts, subsidies, intervention, violations of private property, civil liberties, and the Bill of Rights.  Real leadership doesn’t cover up its’ incompetency with random applications of VIPR units, “Patriot Acts”, “education” departments, controls, censorships, and precision guided weapons.  Real leadership doesn’t say it’s different this time, so the old rules just don’t apply here.

Real leadership knows that the right principles work all the time and throughout time.  Real leaders always defend liberty.

Visit Governor Johnson’s website