ObamaCare is Constitutional. No it isn’t. Yes it is. No it isn’t

by Chuck Donovan

Today House Repbuli-crips repealed ObamaCare – again.  Demo-bloods in the Senate won’t let it get further than that.  It leaves me with a question.  Why did they bother?

The so-called leadership of the Republican Party spent time, energy, money, and political capital to “repeal” ObamaCare.  Too bad they didn’t turn their energies on shredding some of the 65,000 plus pages of our fetid tax code, or the other 100,000 plus pages of regulations that strangle our economy.  Why didn’t they?  There is only one answer.  They have no leadership and no principles to guide their actions.

Socialized healthcare is here to stay, until the Federal government runs out of money.  Don’t worry, that moment isn’t far off.  But, the real reason why we have Socialized healthcare is explained by government intervention in the market, Medicare, Medicaid, government regulation, the tax code, and our so-called educational system.

That last item is more appropriately described as a daycare and juvenile detention and indoctrination system.  The so-called educational system has completely failed to teach Americans what a market is or what government intervention is.  Instead our students are taught only one lesson.  Here was a problem.  In came the government.  Then government saved the day.  Isn’t government wonderful?   Tears run down the faces of our young students as they realize how much they love government.

Those of us who understand Capitalism haven’t sold the idea to the state indoctrinated minions who are allowed to vote and to express themselves no matter how uninformed they are.  Much of that has to do with our own tepid acceptance of a truly free market and of freedom of choice.  After all, we were indoctrinated by the government too.  It’s hard to overcome your programming.  I know.

That’s why it is essential to concentrate on how people think.  Their basic premises must be established in order to achieve logical conclusions.  Are people focused on progressive, active rights, or on passive, natural rights?  Are people focused on the rights of the individual – each individual – or on the rights of a group?  Will people demand a “plan” by the central government and hope it turns out ok despite all the plans that have previously failed, or will they demand their liberty and use their freedom of choice to solve their problems at a local level?

These are the choices we face.  There is no in between.

Will we continue to fear and turn first to big government, or will we stop being afraid to let freedom win?