Did Pat Buchanan Turn “Anti-War”, or Has The Failure of US Interventionism Finally Begun to Dawn on Ultraconservatives?

by Chuck Donovan

Is Pat Buchanan listening to Ron Paul or the Libertarians?  His recently proposed foreign policy sounds like he is.  In “Suicide of a Superpower”, Pat Buchanan expresses his concern that worldwide US military interventions are not making us safer, but instead are making us less safe.  He actually stated we should leave the Mideast alone.

I’m also glad to see Buchanan stand up to MSNBC.  MSNBC fired him because he published opinions in his book they did not agree with.

Why has no one in the mainstream noticed it isn’t just Ron Paul and the Libertarians who have “dangerous” and “isolationist” foreign policy ideas.  Now Pat Buchanan is saying, “The more we shrink our defense perimeter, the greater the gain in national unity behind our foreign policy.” – Pat Buchanan, “Suicide of a Superpower”

Check out his interview on Uncommon Knowledge, Pat Buchanan on Suicide of a Superpower.

You can also find the audio version of this Podcast on iTunes under the same title.

Maybe Pat Buchanan isn’t afraid to let freedom win.