ObamaCare is Constitutional. No it isn’t. Yes it is. No it isn’t – Part Deux

Does the Federal government have the Constitutional duty to solve national problems This is the question that law professor Randy Barnett asks in a Reason TV interview.

Randy Barnett: Losing Obamacare While Preserving the Constitution

It is no surprise to find the best discussion on the recent SCOTUS decision comes from a Reason TV interview.   The interview covers not only the issue of a tax vs. a penalty, but includes a interesting view on the political motivation of the Justices.

Here is Georgetown Legal Professor Randy Barnett’s bottom line, “You can’t make your happiness contingent on getting a libertarian society.  The struggle for liberty will never end because there is always going to be Statists.  There is always going to be people who prefer security over liberty because that’s another part of natural instincts that people have.  And so the best that we can ever accomplish is keeping liberty alive.  And, you can keep liberty alive just by being a Libertarian yourself, and writing about it, and getting other people to be.  Even if the society you live in is not you can at least keep the idea of liberty alive and possibly liberty itself.”