Update for January, 2013

by Chuck Donovan

Today is the death anniversary of Murray N. Rothbard (bio).  He died on this day in 1995.  See my reading suggestions below for an example of some of Rothbard’s writing.

Tomorrow Georgia is holding a special election in two districts that include two Libertarian candidates for State Senator.  This is an important race for a number of reasons.  First of all Georgia is facing the reality of a Republican “supermajority”.  Some of you may think that is a good thing.  I’ll leave it to you to decide if domination by any party would be a good thing.  Secondly, this is an opportunity to put Libertarians into State level government.  Ballot access laws in Georgia prevent Libertarians for running for positions that are not statewide.  These laws were put into place in the late 1950’s with racist and anti-communist intent.  Their effect instead has been to provide job security for Democrats and Republicans and a resultant loss of political choice and a loss of liberty for Georgians and Americans.  This is an opportunity to vote Libertarian and to show that you are not afraid of freedom.

 Dr. Jeff Bivins for State Senator, District 11

 James Camp for State Senator, District 30

  • VoteJamesCamp.com
  • Founding member of Georgia Carry
  • A logical immigration policy based on personal experience


What have I been reading lately?

Suggested YouTube Videos:

Quote from the video:   “Yet the danger is always there, when there’s a crisis, that people appear who claim to be the fount of all wisdom, and that they can bring salvation to everyone.”

– A better review of Hitler’s rise to power was written in 1999 by Christopher Hitchens.  “Imagining Hitler

“Don’t be afraid to let freedom win.”