Social Darwinism, the Market, or Central Planning?

by Chuck Donovan

Again and again the United States is subject to Washington, D.C.’s theatre of centralized economic planning.  Again and again we face the question of just how big a balance will be rung up on what amounts to a “national credit card.”

In the not-to-distant past, the allegedly “fiscally responsible” Republican so-called leadership presented a plan alleged to address America’s crushing Federal debt.  (It did not.  It never does.)  President Obama labeled that one “Social Darwinism.”  The message the President wanted us to get goes something like this.  Republicans and “fiscal hawks” are mean spirited jerks who want poor people to starve to death just so they can reduce the balance on our national credit cards.  He also invoked the mistaken mainstream idea that Darwinism involves the survival of the fittest.

Mises Institute fellow David Gordon, wrote an outstanding article discussing “Social Darwinism and the Free Market“.

It is important to understand Darwinism has little to do with survival of the strongest, and everything to do with survival of the most adaptable and with those who learn how to cooperate for their own rational self interest.  In economic terms that means the richest do not destroy the poor in a mythical Social Darwinist model (which bears a striking resemblance to the Marxist model).  Instead, the poor flourish when they learn to work with both the rich and with each other.  Destruction of the poor by the rich leads inevitably to the destruction of the rich.  Rich who have learned to adapt, and who are not sheltered by deals they have made with their lackeys in the central government, also learn that they get richer when they cooperate with the poor.

Finally, what exactly does the President think will happen to poor people when the US Federal government defaults on all the debt he and his big government Republican allies have been ringing up for the past 100 years?  Does he think it will work out better for the poor or worse?  I happen to know that it will go very, very badly for the poor and many, many others.  The only question is, who will be blamed for the inevitable misery millions will have to endure as a result of these continuous Republican and Democrat Party failures?

I submit the coming default on our debt will be far worse than any poor people anywhere at any time have ever seen.  While not Social Darwinism, the Socialism and Corporate Fascism of the Democrat and Republican Central Planners will end in widespread human misery just as it has in every other place it was tried.

Now Mr. President, shall we take another look at those Federal credit card balances?

…or are you just another hack in D.C. afraid of letting freedom win?


For more ideas on this issue read Charles Rowley’s Classical Liberal Political Economy Perspective and his article:  

       President Obama abuses the concept of Social Darwinism.

Here is an excerpt from this article:

“As in so many other areas, President Obama is out of his depth when discussing the concept of Social Darwinism.  He bandies about a phrase that he cannot understand, because he is not well-versed in the relevant  literature of Western civilization.

Instead of golfing during your upcoming vacation, Mr. President, maybe you should take time out to read  the following great works:

Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species

Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Ethics

Ludwig von Mises, Human Action

Friedrich von Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty”