D4L Update 1/31/2013, Civil Liberties and Hysteria

by Chuck Donovan

The goal of this website is to improve knowledge and thinking in America.  Allowing our lives, our economy, and our politics to be ruled by emotion and hysteria will lead to continued chaos and misery.  America has the potential to be far greater, more prosperous, and to be a leader in a more peaceful world if we make the right decisions based on knowledge, facts, and solid the principles of respect for human life and property and the non-aggression principle.  We also have to stop being afraid of freedom.


  – “Are High Taxes the Basis of Freedom and Prosperity? by Sudha R. Shendy, from The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty.

This article, written in 2007, makes a timely comment on government planners’ fascination to European socialism, particularly the socialistic economies of the Scandinavian countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.  The unfortunately well known economist Jeffrey Sachs, who featured heavily in the documentary “Commanding Heights”, has been particularly worshipful of the Scandinavian economies.

The article points out the fallacy of the idea that prosperity comes from higher and higher tax rates on anyone, rich or poor.  It further delves into the reality of life in these countries, their lack of productivity, their confiscatory tax policies, the intervention in their personal lives and lifestyles by the government, and the lack of reasonable access to government controlled healthcare.

The two most important points are these.  First, these countries rely heavily on funds received by the export of their raw materials, particularly oil.  Secondly, the Scandinavian economics do not exist in a sustainable bubble.  They are part of the global economy that props up their violations of personal liberty.

There is a price for appearing to have a perfect life, and shame on Jeffery Sachs for not loudly proclaiming that fact instead of wishing for a false utopia.

  – “State regulators crack down on grocery chain for selling cheap milk, Daily Caller News Foundation,

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Louisiana regulators require that milk be sold at least 6% above invoice and shipping costs.  Now, who does this help and who does it hurt?

Obviously consumers are hurt.  Consumers are forced to pay higher costs, not by a free market but by a heavily regulated market.  The free market wants to lower the price.  It is the government that keeps consumers paying more for the things consumers want to buy.

Someone wins in the deal.  The winners are businesses that are in tight with the government.  These are businesses that became successful through hard work, diligence, competition, and most importantly through service to customers.  But, they have gotten tired of all that hard work.  Now, they have figured out all they have to do is make a deal with the government.  They make believe it is for the consumer, but the winners are the businesses that end up protected from competition.

This is a story we could repeat throughout our economy.  This is the damage government intervention does to your family budget and to your freedom.



 – “The Federal Reserve Turns 100, from the Cato Institute,

Find out more on the miserable performance of the Fed for 100 years.


Under the heading, “Hysteria and Militarized Police” comes this:

– “Glider Pilot Arrested, Nearly Shot Down by DHS for Breaking No Laws”  

More information on the incident:

Flying Magazine:  “Pilot Arrested, Charged for Doing Nothing“,

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) response here:  “Lessons Learned From Glider Arrest

Comparison – F-4 Phantom jet Rocket Sled Impact Test:  Picture of fighter jet being slammed into a cement wall at 480mph.

Rocket Sled Test against Simulated Nuclear PowerplantVideo of Phantom jet crashing into cement wall.



Folks, real life is not like the movies.  I know it is compelling and engrossing to sit through the extremely well presented movies today, but please remember it is not reality, especially if it is a movie based on “history”.

I have been a pilot for a long time and have flown many different aircraft including gliders, transport aircraft, and fighter aircraft.  The idea that a glider could do damage to anything other than the glider is ridiculous to say the least.

For comparison, the lightest aircraft used in the 9/11 attacks weighed about 220, 000 pounds including about 40,000 pounds of fuel.  The unfortunate fighter used in the test video above weighed about 56,000 pounds with about 17,000 pounds of fuel.

A glider with a pilot, no engine, and no gas onboard weighs about 1000 pounds with an additional capacity of less than 100 pounds.

Speed is an issue as you will recall from your High School Physics class.

       Momentum = mass x velocity

       Kenetic Energy = (1/2 mass) x velocity squared

Airliners and fighter jets operate around the 500 mph range.  Gliders fly in the 80 to 90 mph range.  Comparing the speed and weight and thus the energy of a glider vs. that of a fighter jet or airliner vs. a cement wall, just isn’t worth mentioning.

The idea that a pilot in a glider was threatened with being shot down, then swarmed by over 17 armed cops, and ended up in jail for the night because somebody thought he was going to crash into a nuclear site is beyond ridiculous.  It is further evidence that our police and our government are out of control.

Stop being so afraid of freedom!