Control Lobbyists Or Control Legislators?

by Chuck Donovan

“When we require this of citizens who are not paid to lobby and do not make expenditures to do so, we are no longer talking about a regulated industry, but endeavoring to regulate an individual’s right to petition their governing officials.” – Georgia State Representative Michael Coldwell, District 20

The Georgia House overwhelmingly passed another freedom busting bill.  HB142 claims to address ethics and lobbying issues.  What it actually does is limit your freedom of speech and your access to your representatives in the government.

The bill passed the Georgia House on Monday with an overwhelming vote of 164 to 4, with 12 not voting or excused. [2]  The four representatives with the backbone to stand up for freedom were Charles GregoryMichael CaldwellScott Turner, and Delvis Dutton.

Friends, we are all concerned about ethics and corruption in our government, but we have better ways to address the problem.  Term limits will not address the problem.  Limits on lobbying will not address the problem.  Here is how we fix it.  Stop voting for Democrats and Republicans.  It only encourages them.

Georgia ballot access laws effectively block third party candidates from competing with these tyrannical Republican and Democratic candidates.  However, there is nothing to stop you from writing in a Libertarian for every seat that is open in your next election.

Nobody likes lobbyists except those whose pockets are being lined by them.  If you block lobby access to representatives you in turn will also be blocked from accessing your representatives.  Remember, you are a lobby and a special interest group too.

A free system is messy and dangerous, but it is the safest system we have.  Our only choice is to vote for better representatives and to not be afraid of letting freedom win.




[2] HB142 House Vote #92,