Which Cult Are You A Member Of?

by Chuck Donovan

“You demand privilege for a few.  I demand liberty for all.” – Frédéric Bastiat

“Journalist” Mike Lofgren(1.) rececently wrote an article titled “Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult.”(2.)  As a former GOP cult member myself I was interested in what he had to say.

Mr. Lofgren attempted to sound fresh, but his criticisms were filled with the usual rantings of somebody who worships at the foot of government.  Mr. Lofgen is clearly much more frightened by the loss of government than the loss of freedom.

Mr. Lofgren correctly articulates the idiocy taking place in the never-was-the-party-of-fiscal-responsibility.  But, among other criticisms he bemoans the fact the Republicans couldn’t write Medicare today.  I’m not seeing the problem here.  He is talking about a failed, bankrupt program that increases medical costs, decreases freedom-of-choice and freedom-of-exchange that currently pays out about $3 in goods and services for every $1 in contributions that working Americans are forced to pay?   (Hey, where’s my freedom of choice to opt-out of Medicare btw?)

Then, in a further weak effort to criticize the current circus in D.C, he gives credit to alleged economics and intellectual Paul Krugman.  Krugman is a centralized government worshiper who thinks the cure to our economic hangover is just a little more alcohol.  Nobody would give serious consideration to someone who suggests giving alcohol to a drunk who wants to avoid the pain of a hangover, but the “professional journalists” of our state-run media have no problem quoting and supporting the ideas of “leading economists” who think an economy drunk on debt, credit, and fake money just needs a bigger shot of debt, credit, and fake money.

Mr. Lofgren is yet another who also thinks if we all just “get along” in D.C. we could spend our way out of our spending problems and that the over bloated “defense” budget is the only part of the budget worth criticizing.  Nowhere in his article is a lick of sense about fake money, rampant debt, or out-of-control entitlements driven by a viral entitlement mentality.  He just re-chums the usual hackneyed perjoratives against the GOP – all of them accurate; none of them focused on any real or freedom-centered solution.

This writer clearly has no idea, or does not have the backbone, to face the fact that the only way out of our mess is for the central government to release its death grip on the American people and their economy, and to make real cuts in all programs, including Social Security and Medicare, in the 40% range.  He criticizes the massive “defense” budget, but never mentions the interest on the national debt he is so afraid of defaulting on is almost 65% of this year’s “defense” budget.  He is a typical economic chicken hawk who talks a big fight, but isn’t ready to face the epic battle that is really out there.

This writer is just more of the same.  Unfortunately he is representative of the people in the United States and the rest of the world who blah-blah about freedom but wouldn’t set their fellow humans free of over-bloated, irrational, insanely inefficient, and immoral government or its massive debt – for their own good.

Freedom is the commodity, not bipartisan “getting along”.

In a world where words no longer have meaning it is sadly ironic to read yet another article from a devotee of central government on a website titled “Truth Out”.  While I am grateful Mr. Logren might have left the cult of the GOP I wonder two things.  Which party will he vote for next time around, and what level of incompetence will it take to get him to leave the “cult of omnipotent government” ?

In the meantime, Mike Logren is yet another “analytical thinker” who is afraid of letting freedom win.


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