D4L Thoughts on Liberty – 11/9/2013

by Chuck Donovan


Those seeking anarchistic opinion do not usually turn to the pages of Aircraft Owners and Operators Association (AOPA) Magazine. (http://www.aopa.org) Just take a look at these member comments that were triggered by among other things, “random” stop and search activity by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) directed against peaceful aircraft operators.

These are published comments by AOPA members.  (AOPA Magazine, October 2013, “Letters”, pp 12):

“… the ability to go where I want, and to do it without asking permission from a governing state.  …our overgrown , overspending government continuously overstepping its power is an abomination of our individual freedoms.  …Look around.  This government is not getting smaller.  This government is getting more oppressive by the minute.

“Whoever says, ‘Stop being such pansies, if you have nothing to hide, who cares?’, and ‘If you are a law abiding pilot, what really is the problem?’ – while I admire their childlike trust in the power of government, I question their ability to what has happened to every nation, throughout all human history – without exception – that has the unquestionable right to stop and search it’s citizens.  Police states always start out in the name of safety and end very badly.”

“The nothing-to-hide argument is a straw man, in that unchecked power always turns to its own ends.  Freedom comes with risks and it’s own end.  If you do not accept these ideas, please consider another country in which to live – by the way, they have all destroyed aviation.

Seems there are members at AOPA who are not afraid to let freedom win.  I am proud to be one of them.