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Control Lobbyists Or Control Legislators?

“When we require this of citizens who are not paid to lobby and do not make expenditures to do so, we are no longer talking about a regulated industry, but endeavoring to regulate an individual’s right to petition their governing officials.” – Georgia State Representative Michael Coldwell, District 20

The Georgia House overwhelmingly passed another freedom busting bill.  HB142 claims to address ethics and lobbying issues.  What it actually does is limit your freedom of speech and your access to your representatives in the government.

The bill passed the Georgia House on Monday with an overwhelming vote of 164 to 4, with 12 not voting or excused. [2]  The four representatives with the backbone to stand up for freedom were Charles GregoryMichael CaldwellScott Turner, and Delvis Dutton.

Friends, we are all concerned about ethics and corruption in our government, but we have better ways to address the problem.  Term limits will not address the problem.  Limits on lobbying will not address the problem.  Here is how we fix it.  Stop voting for Democrats and Republicans.  It only encourages them.

Georgia ballot access laws effectively block third party candidates from competing with these tyrannical Republican and Democratic candidates.  However, there is nothing to stop you from writing in a Libertarian for every seat that is open in your next election.

Nobody likes lobbyists except those whose pockets are being lined by them.  If you block lobby access to representatives you in turn will also be blocked from accessing your representatives.  Remember, you are a lobby and a special interest group too.

A free system is messy and dangerous, but it is the safest system we have.  Our only choice is to vote for better representatives and to not be afraid of letting freedom win.




[2] HB142 House Vote #92,

Romney Proves He is Incompetent at Foreign Policy Too

The following headline today shows again the Mitt Romney has no new ideas and embraces the same old bad ideas.

Romney flexes foreign policy stance, calls again for ‘crippling sanctions’ on Iran

Imagine someone who thinks “bad” children need to be spanked and punished even worse.  Romney thinks that leadership means we just have to punish “bad” people even worse.  The Iranians refuse to do what we want?  Just threaten and spank them even more.  They still won’t do what we want?  Let’s be mass murders again and bomb them.  See, we solved the whole thing.

Here is a better idea.  “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”(1)  It isn’t a new idea, just an old one that has yet to be tried and yet to be offered by the current crop of so-called “leaders”.  Only two candidates have offered this idea in 2012.  One of them is out of the race.  The other is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Jefferson’s idea doesn’t mean you have to like the Iranians or anyone else.  It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them about anything.  It just means our first option is not always to send in the Marines.

Here is another reason why more sanctions on Iran is a bad idea.  This is from Christopher Hitchens’ article “Iran’s Waiting Game“. (2)

“In September 2002, an editor and columnist in Tehran named Abbas Abdi was among those who helped conduct a Gallup poll that had been commissioned by the foreign-affairs committee of the Iranian parliament, or Majlis. The finding of the poll was that nearly 75 percent of all Iranians were in favor of ‘dialogue’ at the very least with the United States.”

Seventy-five percent of Iranians want to talk with us.  Did you catch that part?

Still want to blow them up?

After making a mess of things in Massachusetts, Romney now promises to make an even bigger mess of the United States.  His foreign policy ideas aren’t just wrong, they are dangerous.  He talks like a man of religious conviction, but his policies are those of a war monger.

We are mired in debt, failed economics, lost liberty, and war.  If we don’t vote differently this time it won’t turn out different this time.

Don’t be afraid to let freedom win.




(1) Thomas Jefferson inaugural address, March 4, 1801

(2) “Iran’s Waiting Game”, Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair, July 2005,


ObamaCare is Constitutional. No it isn’t. Yes it is. No it isn’t – Part Deux

Does the Federal government have the Constitutional duty to solve national problems This is the question that law professor Randy Barnett asks in a Reason TV interview.

Randy Barnett: Losing Obamacare While Preserving the Constitution

It is no surprise to find the best discussion on the recent SCOTUS decision comes from a Reason TV interview.   The interview covers not only the issue of a tax vs. a penalty, but includes a interesting view on the political motivation of the Justices.

Here is Georgetown Legal Professor Randy Barnett’s bottom line, “You can’t make your happiness contingent on getting a libertarian society.  The struggle for liberty will never end because there is always going to be Statists.  There is always going to be people who prefer security over liberty because that’s another part of natural instincts that people have.  And so the best that we can ever accomplish is keeping liberty alive.  And, you can keep liberty alive just by being a Libertarian yourself, and writing about it, and getting other people to be.  Even if the society you live in is not you can at least keep the idea of liberty alive and possibly liberty itself.”

Did Pat Buchanan Turn “Anti-War”, or Has The Failure of US Interventionism Finally Begun to Dawn on Ultraconservatives?

Is Pat Buchanan listening to Ron Paul or the Libertarians?  His recently proposed foreign policy sounds like he is.  In “Suicide of a Superpower”, Pat Buchanan expresses his concern that worldwide US military interventions are not making us safer, but instead are making us less safe.  He actually stated we should leave the Mideast alone.

I’m also glad to see Buchanan stand up to MSNBC.  MSNBC fired him because he published opinions in his book they did not agree with.

Why has no one in the mainstream noticed it isn’t just Ron Paul and the Libertarians who have “dangerous” and “isolationist” foreign policy ideas.  Now Pat Buchanan is saying, “The more we shrink our defense perimeter, the greater the gain in national unity behind our foreign policy.” – Pat Buchanan, “Suicide of a Superpower”

Check out his interview on Uncommon Knowledge, Pat Buchanan on Suicide of a Superpower.

You can also find the audio version of this Podcast on iTunes under the same title.

Maybe Pat Buchanan isn’t afraid to let freedom win.

The Search for Value and Principles

The recent discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle nearly 400 years after the death of the great discoverer of physics, Isaac Netwon, reminds us that we are constantly searching for and discovering scientific “laws” and building blocks.

There is another search and process of discovery a republic is supposed to be involved in as well.  Over two hundred years after the beautiful Declaration of Independence declared certain truths to be “self evident” we are still supposed to be searching and properly discovering our “natural rights”.  Just as “laws” of physics are constantly being discovered and tested, the “laws” that support our “natural rights” are also supposed to be discovered and tested.

We can only change the dynamics of a physical object with the application of force.  Newtonian “laws” of motion tell us for instance that “Every object continues in its state of rest unless compelled to change that state by external forces acted upon it.” [1]

It is the application of force that changes the motion of an object.  Likewise it is only through force that our “natural rights” are changed or violated.  For example, as a human being you naturally wish to express yourself.  We call this the “right” to freedom of speech.  It is only through that application of force that you will be silenced.  Remove the force and you will be free again to express yourself as you wish.  The same goes for your desire to freely move, trade, associate with others, to worship, and to defend your self.

Notice that with “natural rights” it is only the application of an outside force that interrupts the “right”.  It is outside force that violates your rights.  However, there is nothing that necessitates an act by any other human to deliver the right,  just as there is no requirement of force to allow an “object at rest” to remain at rest.

Ayn Rand has something to say about this in her book “Philosophy: Who Needs It.” [2]

“To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion…  It does not work and has not worked in any human society in history.”

Compare this to the idea of a recently discovered (within the last 100 years) “right” to healthcare or education.  What do we have to do for the delivery of those “rights”.  If we do nothing how could the healthcare or education be delivered?  Obviously there is a contradiction somewhere.

The same is true for the very important freedom of trade.  Trade is between two freely acting individual parties.  Each side, impelled by rational self-interest, enters the trade.  Each seeks to better their current condition with the completion of an agreed upon trade.  Notice there is no third party in the transaction and no force other than the rational self-interest.  Any uninvited entry by a third party would be a violation of the freedom of trade the first two people wish to exercise.  Again it is only the application of an outside force that violates the rights of these individuals.

What happens with a system where government forces us to trade using only the “money” it creates?  Our government takes control of what they designate as the only “money” printing machine in the country.  Government then requires us, through the force of Legal Tender Laws, to use their “money”.

Where then is our freedom of trade?

Take a look at the charts on website I linked to below.  Imagine how our lives would be different if the value of what we exchange was not undermined by the forceful “stabilization” schemes of our central government.

“Income and Per Capita GDP in Gold Oz.”

by Nathan LewisNew World Economics
Published : July 09th, 2012


In the end it doesn’t really take imagination.  It only takes the courage to set yourself and your fellow human beings free.  Set us all free from the outside force of government that takes away our liberty, violates our rights, reduces our prosperity, and destroys our peace.

You really only need to do one thing.  You just need to stop being afraid to let freedom win.

[1] Newton’s First Law of Motion,’s_laws_of_motion

[2] “Philosophy:  Who Needs It”, by Ayn Rand, Centennial Edition, 1982, pp 32


Scott Brown Proves Americans Don’t Really Want Change

“If the proles ever realized how powerful they are, there would be no need for a revolution.”[1]

Given a choice and an opportunity for an actual change and an actual solution today, American citizens in Massachusetts again rejected it.  Instead, they voted to maintain the status quo in Washington, D.C.  A fiscally insane, neocon, pro-torture, anti-human rights, big government Republican won the race.  Meanwhile, a fiscal conservative, small government, anti-bailout, anti-socialized healthcare, anti-military expansionist, anti-interventionist, pro-civil libertarian was treated as an also-ran.  What the vote today against Libertarian Joe Kennedy said is that Americans prefer to remain in the chains placed on them by the failed Democratic and Republican party “leadership”.

Rather than actually revolt against their masters, Americans prefer to make believe they are, “mad as hell, and not going to take it any more.”   They want to play at TEA Parties, Campaign for Liberty rallies, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works gatherings, and 10th Amendment rallies.  They want to act upset, but they really don’t want to raise a finger or an independent thought further than the ballot distance between the Republican and Democrat “rivals”.

In the end, the election in Massachusetts was not about “change”, revolt, or actual voter consideration.  It was all about fear, who knew more about the Red Sox, and who looked better naked.

When Barak Obama won in November 2008, I made a prediction.  I said the second worst thing that could happen is that President Obama does a bad job and the Republicans sweep back into power without ever getting their act together.  Sometimes I just hate it when I am right.   I went on to say the worst thing that could happen is that President Obama actually delivers on the promises he made and Americans perceive his achievements as a good job.  At least the worst thing hasn’t happened. …yet.

The Republicans “leaders” continue to reject “change” as well.  Why shouldn’t they?  They are comfortably settled into the arms and wallets of their rich lobbyist friends.  These lobbyists have become rich by the access our Republican and Democrat “representatives” have granted them to competition reducing protection, international protection using our gallant military, venture capital provided by the taxpayers without all that messy “full disclosure”, and overall direct access to our national treasury.  What is there that motivates anyone in Washington to “change”?   Nothing!

Stated that way, why doesn’t everyone outside of Washington, D.C. change radically?  What will it take for Americans to be startled awake from their government-induced slumber?  How many times do the Democrats AND Republicans have to show us who they honestly are before we will believe them?

Do you really care about your rights?  Do you really want to change the fact that you are running out of money before you run out of month?  Do you really want to save what is left of your U.S. Dollar and your savings?  Do you actually want to reduce the size of government?  Do you truly want tax reform?  Do you want our troops brought home from the over 130 countries they are now unconstitutionally deployed to?  Do you want to improve the reputation of the USA in the eyes of the rest of the world?  Do you want to see an improvement in your life and prosperity and future?

There is an actual way to accomplish that, and it doesn’t take a revolution.

Vote Libertarian.


[1] 1984, by George Orwell