Meet Chuck

Chuck DonovanChuck Donovan is a professional pilot with over 33 years of private, military, and commercial aviation experience. Beginning in an immigrant working class neighborhood, he focused his life on aviation and eventually accomplished all of the things he had dreamed about when he was in the third grade. He served as a fighter/attack pilot in the US Marines from 1980 to 1986. He is currently flying in his 23rd year as a major airline pilot. He has commanded aircraft and crews to 6 of the 7 continents, but says the best lessons learned were while he flew around his own country.

Chuck is not a professional politician, nor did he ever plan a career in politics. He understands how government should relate to and work for average citizens. He is not going to Washington, D.C. to cash in or to help others gain special favors. Chuck thinks that quite enough has been taken from us by Washington, and wants to go there to get it back into the hands of the people who actually worked for it.

The harsh reality of the aviation environment is where Chuck learned his leadership skills. He knows what it means to make decisions under pressure while sorting out true information from false, and to be a leader in stressful situations, a leader who is not always doing the popular thing. These are the kinds of traits Chuck thinks are missing from the political power elite that control our government today.

He is an ardent student of the Austrian School of Economics, which focuses on individual human action. The Austrian School sees humans as the individuals they are instead of attempting to reduce them to pieces of a math equation to be manipulated by bureaucrats. Chuck knows that for freedom to be real, there must be both social and economic freedom and believes that our country is severely lacking in both.

“As a Marine Corps officer, I learned that one must lead from the front. The Democratic and Republican party leadership have refused to make the difficult, unpopular decisions necessary to correct the problems they themselves have brought upon our great country. They have led us into a very dangerous and unprecedented situation from which there is no painless way out. Still, they only respond with more government.”

It is time for a new kind of leadership. It is time for a solid group of citizens to stand up and take back our country with only one goal in mind: Freedom!