Approach & Mission

    Chuck believes in:

  • Smaller, Constitutionally limited government
  • Sound Money
  • Less Debt
  • No Bailouts
  • Educational Choice
  • Non-Interventionist Foreign Policies
  • Principals and People over Party and Politics
    Chuck knows that:

  • The budget must be balanced without increasing taxation.
  • National Security can be preserved without endangering Civil Liberties.
  • The Right to Bear Arms is an individual right of self-defense.
  • The War on Drugs is a failed policy.
  • The justice system should focus on violent crime instead of victimless crime.
  • The justice system should restore the victim and isolate violent individuals.
  • Big Government is the problem, not the solution.
    The nature of government

  • We, the People, as individuals, need to understand that government is not a source of charity, business, or education.
  • Government is not the source of liberty.
  • Liberty and free people existed before governments.
  • Government is the negation of liberty.
  • Government is a badge, a gun, and a jail.

We must understand that all of our problems are best solved, not by the coercive power of government, but by individuals, either on their own or with friends, family or groups set up by and for voluntary individual action.

    Therefore, Government should be limited to:

  • A system of natural rights and common law
  • Defending private property
  • Punishing illegitimate force
  • Enforcing contracts
  • Punishing fraud
  • Honest money
    Mission Statement

  1. Spread the message of prosperity that can be delivered by limited government defense of individual rights and property.
  2. Put a Libertarian into national office and begin the transition away from the stranglehold the Democrat and Republican Party “Leadership” have over our government.
  3. Repeal, Abolish, and Eliminate laws, regulations, government departments and bureaucracies that exceed the limits of the Constitution and do damage to individuals and their liberty.
  4. Educate my fellow citizens on the limits of our Natural Rights granted by the Creator, and the incompatibility of group, class, or collective rights and centralized government with that ideal. Natural rights are the only rights acknowledged by our Declaration of Independence.
  5. Inform my fellow citizens about the extreme danger of inflation and the role of the central bank as the sole source of inflation. Keynes said that inflation is a method “…not one man in a million may diagnose.” I aim to make it that 9.5 million out of 9.5 million Georgians understand the damage being done to them via inflation.